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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Program Best For?

We specialize in working with busy home service business owners who are stuck on the truck and want to gain more freedom and income from their business.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a $1.5k/month 9 month mastermind program only for those who are serious and committed to their success. This is not a $497 course where you go at your own pace. This investment is for systems, training, coaching, accountability, and community. All the right ingredients to ensure your success.

How Much Time Do I Have To Commit?

You will have to dedicate about 5-10 hours a week to be on the coaching calls, going through the training, and completing the homework. 

What Happens After The 9 Months?

Most of our members will stay on longer than 9 months and realize that it takes time for implementation and you will likely want to keep up the momentum that your business has created. More time in Foundations = More success.

How Many People Have We Helped?

We have helped 125+ washing and painting business owners implement simple systems into their business so they can own a business (and not a job).

How Do We Guarantee Success?

Training resources, coaching calls, systems, accountability, and community are the key pillars to ensure that you have maximum success inside our coaching program.


The pillars to your success are inside our name Home Service Business Coach


H – High level accountability

S – Systems

B – Business Coaching

C – Community of high level entrepreneurs

How Do I Know If I Am A Good Fit?

You are a bad fit if you are not coachable, have revenue below $50,000 per year, have a pessimistic mindset, and think that you have all the answers. If you are growth oriented, tired of feeling stuck, and want to find your tribe of home service business owners who are crushing it in their business, then we should talk.

"If any of you are on the fence of deciding to do this program.. DO IT! The Value I got from this program is incredible."

Jeremy Turner Apply Pressure

"This year in the HSBC program, our company grew by $172,000 compared to last year. This course is life changing."

Trey Lambert Perfect Turf

“This program has already paid for itself and I haven't even washed 1 house yet! I can 100% guarantee that the systems and behaviors I'm implementing from HSBC will make me literally millions of dollars over the next decade.”

Clark Bradley Elite Exterior Cleaning

“The biggest selling point for me was the live coaching calls. Whatever questions I have I know I can ask on my weekly calls and get answers.”

Nick Preisenhammer Gladiator Pro Wash

“I must say for anyone who is running a home service business and is serious about growing their business, this program is GOLD. The systems alone are worth every penny.”

Craig MacDonald Shine Property Services

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