15. Inside 12,000+ Homes & Scaling A Team in Home Services

Home Service Business Coach With David Moerman
Home Service Business Coach With David Moerman
15. Inside 12,000+ Homes & Scaling A Team in Home Services

In this episode of Home Service Business Coach with David Moerman, we have invited Chris Lalomia, Owner of The Trusted Toolbox, and Author of “FROM THE ZOO TO THE WILD: Your Guide to Entrepreneurial Freedom and Wealth.”Chris’ business focuses on Bath and Kitchen Remodeling. They put professional image on the traditional handyman, offers a variety of skill sets within the company, and they don’t do one thing—they have the right guy for the right job on the right day.



Don’t start the blame game and always begin with what you did wrong as the owner. From there, find and trace your way back to find out what is the root of the problem.


Finding the right people for the right job has been a pain for any businessowners. Finding artists from painters, handyman, electricians, to plumbers in this “gig” or “side-hustle” economy to work for a company full-time is challenging. These people are used to being autonomous problem solvers who does not have any desire to work for a company. Hence, attracting them for Chris’ niche has been difficult.

Chris’ Home Service Institute


The Home Service Institute was established to help busy business owners who have no time to put out a robust and cohesive training system for their people to help improve their business reviews, employee retention, and profitability.

Time Lag


During the pandemic, Chris observed that people become attention and time starved, and anxious. They want instant gratification of today’s world where they want anything requested, as long as they have the money to pay, be there as quick as possible. It might work on other areas, but not in Home Service because they are chronically uninformed. He found out that in Home Service, you need to call them 30 minutes ahead of appointment that you will be invading their “space” to alleviate behavior.


If you make do the business right and make it easy for them, they will come back for you more—even if they pay extra bucks because it’s all worth it for them.

Last Piece of Advice


Be optimistic, stick-to-itiveness, and be a problem solver to win the day. Don’t let yourself get beaten down during the bad days and don’t get too high during good days. You just need to get things done and happen if you are in this business.

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