Frequently Asked Questions

The investment is 9x monthly payments of $1,500

This is a 9 month mastermind coaching program. Most of our members stay in our program for multiple years to continue growing their business

You get access to all our templated systems, world class training modules, high powered community, and every week we have a group Accountability Coaching Call which are in-depth question and answer calls to give you clarity on growing your business.

This program is best for a serious business owner who owns a home service business and is looking to get off the tools and get more freedom & income from their business. We do NOT teach the technical skills in this program. We focus on business systems that are applicable regardless of the home service that you offer.

We have worked with hundreds of Owners in Exterior Cleaning, Window Washing, Pressure Washing, Painting, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Plumbing, Electrical, Junk Removal, Pool Cleaning, and Handyman industries.  We are not teaching technical skills but instead we are teaching how to build a profitable business with systems.

Our program is by invite only and most members join our program when their revenue is in the range of $50,000 – $600,000. The reality is the Business Owner is busy working inside of their business. We work to change this with implementation of systems and coaching.

Our members typically want 4 things from our program:

  1. Build a business that can run without them
  2. More time with their family
  3. Financial freedom for a better life
  4. Create profits to invest into real estate investments

There are over 100+ templated systems that you can plug directly into your business. These systems are created directly for the home services industry and our members are seeing awesome success from implementing these systems into their business

We have 9 focused modules with in depth video training for all the necessary aspects to grow your home services business. We have 60+ training videos in our library which will answer a lot of your questions to help scale your business.

We need approximately 5 hours per week of your time to be going through the modules, interacting in the community, and attending the weekly coaching calls.

Every week is our accountability Q&A call. You do NOT want to miss these calls. You come on that call with pre-submitted questions and get your answers in real time. Oftentimes you’ll hear other members get coaching in real time and it will be directly applicable to you.

No. This is an evergreen coaching program, meaning when you join us you start working with us on your top priorities. Your top priorities are identified while working directly with your coach. Our best clients make a commitment to themselves that their success is non-negotiable and join our coaching program.

Training resources, coaching calls, systems, accountability, and community are the key pillars to ensure that you have maximum success inside our coaching program.

The pillars to your success are inside our name Home Service Business Coach

H – High level accountability

S – Systems

B – Business Coaching

C – Community of high level entrepreneurs

Within 12 months of graduating our program, our members have seen on average an increase in revenue of $180,000 and $45,000 in net profit. This program pays for itself!

We have worked with hundreds of home service business owners who own a variety of businesses. Everything from window cleaning to landscaping to painting to plumbing. If you have a business going in and out of homes, we are here to help you systematize it into a profitable machine!

We have 3 options upon completion of the program:

  1. You get invited into our exclusive Growth program. This is our highest level program and by invite only to select graduates from the Foundations program.
  2. You can stay on in our high level community to continue to get access to resources and training at $500/mo (does not include coaching).
  3. Select Foundations graduates will be invited into our Growth program (our invite only program) for ambitious business owners who are ready to ascend into our highest level program

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